IV Level of Accreditation

License АE № 636118 from 15.04.15

National University «Odessa Maritime Academy»  (NU «OMA»)

8, Didrikhsona str., Odesa, Ukraine, 65029

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About 8000 cadets and students study at Odesa National Maritime Academy (ONMA). The annual graduation is about 1000 specialists.

The Academy was accredited by the State Accreditation Board of Ukraine with accreditation level IV (the highest). The specialities of automation, ships' engineering, electromechanical and radio-electronic faculties were accredited by the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology of Great Britain (IMarEST) with the "charter engineer", - the highest level, and the faculty of Navigation was accredited by the Nautical Institute of Great Britain (NI).

The studies are carried out according to the graded system. The terms of studies are the following: four years for bachelor, five and a half years for specialist and master. The system of ship's crew training is in compliance with the requirements of the International Convention of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW -78/ 95) and other international conventions which give graduates the right to work on all types of vessels of native and foreign companies.

ONMA comprises eight faculties, Azov Maritime Institute (the city of Mariupol), Izmail faculty, Training and Certifying Centre for Seafarers and Technical Fleet College. Besides such centres as Survival under Extreme Conditions at Sea, Information Consulting Centre, Maritime Training Centre of Ships' Power Installations, Special Technologies for Ships' Technical Maintenance Arrangement, publishing One-"Issue-Inform", GMDSS Educational & Training centre, Sports and Recreational Centre and the Centre of Medical Examination and Rehabilitation were created.

Considerable time of training process is devoted to simulator training in accordance with the STCW-78/95 (Section A-I/12 "Standards that Set out Simulators' Usage" and Section B-I/12 "Guide on Simulators' Usage").

Navigation cadets use different programmes based on complex radar simulators RLS and ARPA of the firms "Norcontrol" (Norway) and "Transas Marine" (Great Britain, Russia).

Cadets of engineering specialities study operation and maintenance of ships' power installations on the simulators of "Dieselsim" type of the firm "Norcontrol" (Norway); LSS-2 of the firm "Haven Automation Ltd" (Great Britain) and "Woodward" (the USA). Cadets of radioelectronics and navigation faculties train on the simulators of the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) "Sailor" of "Transas Marine" firm, "IZUMI 900", on operating ships' radio equipment and also on the simulator of automatic identification system (AIS).

Cadets of junior courses use in their studies operating power installations and navigational equipment of the sailing ship "Druzhba" and the marine tugboat "Engineer Ponomarenko" which is a training ship.


The profession of a seafarer has always been international. Seas and oceans not only separate, but also unite continents, countries and people, mainly owing to seafarers. The world labour market has been formed in the world’s shipping today and Ukraine is firmly upholding its position of a leading marine country under conditions of severe competition. Having Ukrainian seafarers on this market is not only prestigious, but economically sound for our country: foreign currency earned by seafarers is, in fact, invested into Ukrainian economy. National University «Odessa Maritime Academy» has been well-known for a long time in the world of marine shipping owing to thousands of highly qualified specialists, its graduates who work for hundreds of shipping companies all over the world. With every oncoming year more and more shipowners of Great Britain, Japan, Germany, the Netherlands and other countries give preference to Ukrainian seafarers and first of all to the graduates of our University.


Rector, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor, Academician of Transport Academy

and Academy of Shipbuilding Sciences of Ukraine Mykhaylo V. Miyusov

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) approved Training and Certification System for Seafarers in Ukraine, which allows the university's graduates to work in various foreign companies, as well as on ships under the flags of the European Union.


• Navigation Faculty

• Maritime Transportation and Technologies Faculty

• Marine Engineering Faculty

• Automation Faculty

• Electrical Engineering and Radio Electronics Faculty

• Maritime Law and Management Faculty

• Naval Faculty


• River and Sea Transport

• Automation and Computer Integrated Technologies

• Telecommunications and Radio Engineering

• Law

• Management

• Naval Weaponry

• Naval Radioelectronic Equipment

• Navigation

• Ships' Power Plants Operations

Facilities of the University: 7 academic buildings with laboratory and training equipment, sailing training ship “Druzhba”, a campus with 4 blocks: a sport complex, an Olympic standard swimming pool, mini football stadion, a medical centre, a canteen with 1200 places and modern equipment, a cafe, a club.

Subdivisions of NU «OMA»: Azov Maritime Institute in Mariupol; Danube Institute in Izmail; the Seafaring College of Technical Fleet, Maritime College named after O.I. Marinesko; Training and Certifying Centre of Seafarers, Training Centres, Publishing Centre.

There are Training and Methodical Centre of Pre-University Education with access courses and Military Training Department, which undertakes training of Reserve Officers.

Forms of Education: full-time, part-time; on the contract basis and free of charge.