III-IV Level of Accreditation
License АE № 458754

Lviv University Business
and Law


99, Kulparkivska str., Lviv, 79021, Ukraine

Tel.: +38 (032) 292-78-50, 292-87-08


e-mail: business_ law@ukr.net


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The University belongs to the top 10 educational institutions with private ownership in Ukraine that is confirmed by the National certificate «Leader of industry-2010» and award of «2015 People of Lviv» in the category «Private Higher Educational Institution».

University is fully accredited by Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science to grant Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs. There is also a possibility for PhD and Dsc studies, defense of a Ph.D. thesis in Economics and/or Law.

The University provides the preparation of international students for admission to Ukrainian higher educational institutions, professional training of international citizens according to specialties accredited at the university.

The international scientific cooperation of the Lviv University of Business and Law is based on international agreements, international programs and projects, agreements between the university and foreign organizations and institutions of Germany, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Belarus, Slovakia and others.

license Series AA № 521984 of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Ukraine III-IV accreditation level prepares educational qualification - Bachelor, Master. The University has a level III accreditation and is a top 10 educational institutions of Ukraine with private ownership, which is confirmed National certification "Leader-industry - 2010". LUBP awarded several prizes. In particular, the University is a laureate Glushkov. In 2010 the university awarded in the competition which was conducted by Commerce and Industry of Ukraine in the "Industry Leader" and was awarded the medal "Branch Leader - 2010." Awarded the diploma's International Exhibition "Education 2020". Retrieved national certificate "Industry Leader - 2010." Gratitude for the active participation in the specialized fair "Education - 2008".

Rector: Larysa Anatoliivna Yankovska is a Doctor of Economics, professor, academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, honoured educator of Ukraine, academician of the International Academy of Computer Science and Systems.

The University consists of five faculties (Faculty of Law, Faculty of Economics and Business, Faculty of Journalism and Information, Faculty of International Relations, Extramural faculty ), Preparatory Department for International Students, the Center for International Education, Doctoral studies department, legal clinic «Viribus Unitis», college.


  • Faculty of Law;
  • Faculty of Economics and Enterprise;
  • Faculty of Journalism and Information;
  • Faculty of International Relations;
  • Extramural faculty.

SPECIALITIES and tuition fees for foreign citizens (form of studies – full time):

  •  Finance, banking and insurance (bachelor’s degree – 1200,00 USD per year, master’s degree – 1200 ,00 USD per year) ;
  • Accounting and taxation (bachelor’s degree – 1200,00 USD per year, master’s degree – 1200 ,00 USD per year);
  • Journalism (bachelor’s degree – 1200,00 USD per year, master’s degree – 1800,00 USD per 1,5 years);
  • Intarnational relations, social communication and regional studies (bachelor’s degree – 1200,00 USD per year);
  • Law (bachelor’s degree – 1500,00 USD per year, master’s degree – 1500,00 USD per year);
  • International law (master’s degree – 3000,00 USD per 2 years).