The Interregional  Academy of  Personnel Management (IAPM)

2, Frometivska str., Kyiv, 03039, Ukraine

Tel.: +38 (044) 490-95-22

Fax: +38 (044) 527-95-72

e-mail: mvumaup@ukr.net


IV Level of Accreditation

License  АЕ № 458585 from 28.07.14.

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Interregional Academy of Personnel Management (IAPM) was founded in 1989 as a private higher educational and scientific institution. IAPM is the biggest economic and humanitarian higher educational institution of Ukraine. Here study students from 39 countries, of 17 specialties, 93 specializations, 8 disciplines.

Academy includes Presidential University (Kyiv), Ukrainian University (over 40 institutes, branches and subsidiaries in all regions of Ukraine) and International Open University (International Preparatory Institute in Kyiv, network of IAPM open education centres abroad).

The educational process in the Academy is provided by over 2,300 teachers, 70% of whom have Ph.Ddegree.

Today IAPM is the leader in private education in Ukraine. The Academy is licensed by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Ukraine (License number AE 458585 from 07.28.2014), including the providing of educational services to foreigners. IAPM is accredited by IV (higher) level of all licensed specialties.

IAPM is included in the World Database on Higher Education, which is regularly issued by the International Association of universities underUNESCO auspices.

Interregional Academy of Personnel Management is located in Kyiv — the capital of Ukraine, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

Except the specialized institutes the Academy includes:

Graduate School;


Graduate School of Management (program MBA);

Institute of Вistant education;

College of Economics and Law;

Desnyanskiy College  of Economics and Law;

"Prestige" educational complex;

Computer courses;

Foreign language courses;

Yaroslav Mudruy Library and information center (fund of nearly 400 thousandbooks);

Staffing agency.

The Academy has an infrastructure that fully meets high European standards:

Educational buildings;

Conference room;


Medical Center;


Sports complex;

Concert hall;

Parks with unique cultural and art objects;

Student restaurants and cafes, grocery stores, hair salon, sauna and more.

Securityof Academy campus area (15 hectares) is provided around the clock.

Higher education in Ukraine with IAPM  is the comfortable environment for students of all forms of education and a high level of the knowledge.



Founder of the International Personnel Academy and Interregional Academy of Personnel Management.Chairman of the Board.

Born in 1954.

Founder and President of International Personnel Academy, founder and chairman of the Supervisory Board of IAPM, chairman of All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation "Charity," deputy head of International Biographical Centre (England) and American Biographical Institute (USA).

He has scientific degrees in psychology, sociology and management, Professor of Theology. Honorary doctor and Professor, honorary and full member (Academician) of universities and academies of Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Britain, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Cuba, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, United States.

Member of the editorial boards of several scientific journals, author of over 250 works on social philosophy, religious studies, sociology, psychology, education and human resource management. Performed his scientific reports at world, European and international forums in Berlin, Moscow, Tehran, Belgrade, Abu Dhabi, Havana, Kiev and other capitals.

Holds orders of Ukrainian, Russian and Serbian Orthodox Church, the Armenian Apostolic Church, as well as many scientific awards of Ukraine, Britain, USA, Russia, state awards of the Kyrgyz Republic and the Republic of Serbia, the honorary title "Honored worker of education of Ukraine". He marked as one of the two thousand eminent scientists of the XX century by International Biographical Association (Cambridge, England), and one of the five hundred most influential leaders by the American Biographical Institute (USA). Winner of various awards in science, culture and education.


The Institute of International Education carries

out preparatory training of foreign citizens.

On completing the course at this Institute and passing examinations, the graduates receive State Certificates.Afterwards they can continue their study at the IAPM’S Institutes or any other University of Ukraine in allspecialities.

Term of study: One or one and a half academic year.

Foreigh students are taught in Ukrainian or Russian (at student’s choice)


Academy’s Institutes carry out training (Barchelor and Master Degree Programmes) and advanced training for foreign citizens.



Finance, banking and insurance;


International relations, social communication and regional studies;




Political Science;


Computer engenering.

On graduating students receive state standard diplomas for foreign citizens in accordance with the international requirements.