You will find a few general price patterns in Ukraine:

•  Most basic services (haircuts, etc.) are cheaper because labor is cheaper.

•  Corporate services cost roughly the same as in other countries.

•  Imported goods (electronics, name brand clothes and high-quality equipment, etc.) cost noticeably more than in the U.S. and Western Europe.

•  Goods produced in Ukraine tend to cost slightly less than their equivalents in the developed world (this applies to food products).

•  Ukraine's public transportation is far cheaper even than in neighboring Poland. Taxis are somewhat cheaper.

•  Real estate prices (rent and purchase) in major cities are comparable to those in Central Europe. Utilities cost significantly less.

•  Poor hotels are cheaper, and good hotels more expensive than in most developed countries.


To give you an idea of the cost of everyday items in Ukraine, here is a list of approximate prices of things in Kiev in US dollars. Some things that are traditionally inexpensive in the West (bowling, public tennis courts, monthly pass to a trendy gym) can be significantly more expensive in Ukraine, as they are often considered "elite."



► Rent for one-bedroom apt. (not directly in center)  $250-400/month.

► Rent for nice Euro-level apt. with several rooms  $500-1000

► 10-hour train ride halfway across Ukraine (there & back) $50-100

► 15-minute taxi ride $7-15

► 1 hour at tennis courts  $10-15

► 1 hour of bowling  $6-15

►  Ice or roller-skating rink, depending on time of day  $4-10

► Admission to trendy night club $12-50

► Admission to concert of classical music $10-30

► Decent umbrella $8-25

► Average-sized novel $4-8

► Unlicensed CD  $4-8

► Meal at McDonald $3-6

► Meal at cafeteria-style restaurant $5-8

► Cup of tea in classy cafe  $1-4

► Cup of tea in inexpensive cafe $0.50

► Hot dog on Khreschatik $0.75

► Loaf of bread $0.40

► Ride in "marshrutka" (minibus) $0.2

► Ride in metro (subway) $0.16